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Board of Directors

Richard Debski, Ph.D. President
Caroline Wang, M.S. Secretary
Jamie Pfaeffle, M.D., Ph.D. Treasurer
Doug Boardman, M.D.
Thay Lee, Ph.D.
Patrick McMahon, M.D.
Karen Ohland, M.S.
Christos Papgeorgiou, M.D.
Masataka Sakane, M.D.
Sven Scheffler, M.D.
Jennifer Wayne, Ph.D.

2008 Mrs. Ho-Tung Cheong Grant Recipient

Heath Henninger
University of Utah

The Role of Elastin in Restoration of Collagen Crimp

Heath with his advisor, Dr. Jeff Weiss


Many thanks are due to the ORLAC for receipt of the summer research grant. This award provided financial support for the analysis of elastin in ligament and its influence on the micro- and macro-scale mechanics of the tissue. The budget was primarily allocated to obtain tissue, supplies for the biochemical assay of elastin and the use of confocal microscopes at the University of Utah. The funding also aided in the build of a prototype apparatus that allowed collagen crimp to be visualized while deformations were simultaneously applied to the tissue.

Progress Report

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