Winter 1998

Dr. Woo

Returns From Nagano

Dr. Woo proudly displaying his gold medal in the Olympic Village in Nagano.

Dr. and Mrs. Woo just recently returned from Nagano, Japan where Dr. Woo received his gold medal for Sports Science. Dr. Woo recently won the IOC Prize for Sports Science after Dr. Freddie Fu, Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh nominated him

Dr. and Mrs. Woo were able to witness the Opening Ceremonies just 15 feet from Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan. In addition, they watched Picabo Street win her gold medal in the Super G and then receive it at the medal ceremonies. Jonny Moseley also received his gold medal the same day. One of the most exciting things they did was watch Tara Lipinsky skate at her practice sessions. There was never a worry of Dr. & Mrs. Woo getting lost as they had access to a car and driver fully equipped with a Global Positioning System.

Dr. and Mrs. Woo were able to meet many famous royalty such as Juan Carlos, the King of Spain and Prince Albert and Princess Anne of Monaco (who stayed at the same hotel as the Woos). Overall, Dr. and Mrs. Woo truly enjoyed their visit to Japan and had a fantastic time at the Winter Olympics in Nagano.

for this great honor. In January, a black-tie gala was held in New York City where Dr. Woo was officially announced as the winner. However, he was not able to take home his gold medal yet. Dr. and Mrs. Woo then traveled to Nagano, Japan where at the 107th Meeting of the IOC Congress, Dr. Woo was officially given his Gold Medal. The Crown Prince & Princess of Japan also attended Dr. Woo's award ceremony.

At the Olympic games, Dr. and Mrs. Woo each had an all-access pass so they were able to attend all Olympic events without worrying about having to purchase tickets. At each venue, Dr. and Mrs. Woo were able to watch comfortably from

the VIP lounge (which also included refreshments).

Fundraising Corner

The year is young, but already, ORLAC Fundraising has received a huge boost. Following the awarding of the 1998 Olympic Prize for Sports Science, Dr. and Mrs. Woo graciously announced that they will donate a dollar for every new dollar in donations ORLAC receives this year up to a total of $50,000! (See ORLAC Newsletter Special Announcement of January 1998).

To leverage this donation to the fullest extent, ORLAC Fundraising has set a goal for 1998 to match this most handsome offer dollar for dollar - thus we are seeking $50,000 in new donations. For this opportunity to raise $100,000 for ORLAC, the ORLAC Fundraising Committee extends an enthusiastic "Thank you!" to the Woo family, and

Come celebrate St. Patrick's Day with ORLAC at the annual fundraising dinner.

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ORLAC Newsletter Winter 1998

1997 ORLAC Summer Awardees

glenohumeral joint reaction force. Maria has modified an existing dynamic shoulder loading model, incorporating a 6 degree-of-freedom load cell to measure this force. She is also working on computer models of the glenohumeral joint to show where the joint the reaction force acts and its orientation. She is doing thorough and accurate work quantifying this force in 3-D. Good job Maria!

The third award was the Mrs. Ho-Tung Cheong award to fund a graduate student to travel to another lab to perform research. Jamie Pfaeffle at the University of Pittsburgh has received this award to model how forces are carried by the interosseous ligament of the forearm. To date, Jamie has been preparing for a trip to the University of Utah to work with Dr. Jeff Weiss. Jamie has been conducting experiments to load the ligament in-situ, collecting information needed for modeling, and will travel to Utah for six weeks in March. While in Utah, Jamie will study modeling of ligaments and will perform testing to collect ligament tensile properties and apply a finite element model to the ligaments he has tested to understand how they carry load. Good luck Jamie!

The 1997 ORLAC summer awards are (l-r) Rob Svitek, Maria Apreleva, MS, and Jamie Pfaeffle, MS

The 1997 ORLAC Awards Program has been a great success. ORLAC was able to fund two graduate students and an undergraduate student in the pursuit of their own original research. Although the number of applicants to the program was small, we hope to receive more for the 1998 Awards Program. Please encourage any students you know interested in accomplishing orthopaedic research to apply in 1998 for these awards.

The first award was the Mr. & Mrs. Kwok-Chong Woo Award to fund an undergraduate student for a summer of research. Rob Svitek at the University of Pittsburgh received this award to study the effect of tibio-patellar motion on knee joint reaction forces predicted analytically. Many such models assume that the knee joint bones do not move with load application. Rob has developed a mathematical model in which he has studied loaded knees with and without bony motion from x-rays of an in-situ knee loading experiment. Rob has found that a change in patellar tendon orientation with loading results in increased tibiofemoral joint compressive force and decreased joint shear force. Way to go Rob!

The second award was the Erin McGurk Graduate Student Award to fund a female graduate student research project. Maria Apreleva at the University of Pittsburgh received this award to study contact forces at the shoulder joint. No previous experimental models have measured the

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Newsletter Publisher

Serena Chan Saw, MS

Board of Directors

President, Richard Debski, PhD

Secretary, Theodore Rudy, MA

Treasurer, Jamie Pfaeffle, MS

Serena Chan Saw, MS Lars Gilbertson, PhD

Thay Lee, MS Glen Livesay, PhD

Patrick McMahon, MD Karen Ohland, MS

Shinro Takai, MD Jennifer Wayne, PhD

To reach us:


P.O. Box 7511

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

phone: 412-648-1943

fax: 412-648-2001


ORLAC Newsletter Winter 1998


1998 ORLAC

Summer Awards Program

Here are three opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students alike, from the United States and abroad, that you won't want to miss! ORLAC continues its Summer Awards Programs for 1998 to foster musculoskeletal research among students studying in the labs of ORLAC participants. What a great way to recognize creative endeavors of the very important members of our laboratories!

And it is really easy to apply for one of the three awards. An application consists of the following:

1) Name of specific award, your address, and other contact information

2) A one page description of the objectives including a description of the project

3) Transcript (applicant must be a student during award period)

4) Resumé

5) Letter of recommendation from a faculty or industry member

6) Budget for the designated amount

7) Mail all application materials to:


Summer Awards Programs

P.O. Box 7511

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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The three awards and their specifications are:

The Mr. & Mrs. Kwok-Chong Woo Award

Designated for an undergraduate student to perform musculoskeletal research during the summer of 1998. Award in the amount of $2500.

The Mrs. Ho-Tung Cheong Award

Designated for a graduate student to visit an alumnus laboratory and participate in musculoskeletal research at the host laboratory. At the time of application, the host laboratory must be named. Award in the amount of $2500.

The Erin McGurk Award

Designated for a female graduate student to perform musculoskeletal research during the summer of 1998. Award in the amount of $2500.

The application deadline for the awards is April 17, 1998.

The awardees and their mentors will be contacted by phone and mail by May 1. Checks for the designated amount of the specific award will be made out to the laboratory in which the work is to be conducted, with the understanding that the funds are to be used in support of the awardee's research.

That's all there is to it. So, what are you waiting for? - to have a great summer in research!

If you have any questions, please contact Rich Debski at (412) 648-1943 or

ORLAC Newsletter Winter 1998

News from Around the World

Dan Baker, PhD (MSRC) has accepted a full-time position with Spinal Dynamics Corp, formerly a client of his. They are designing and building an artificial disc prosthesis. He has been doing engineering design, developing and running tests, designing test equipment and the like. It has been a fun adventure. There are now seven full-time people working in the company and they are coming up on their first year in business.

Gail Blomstrom, PhD (MSRC) is still in Flagstaff and working at W.L. Gore.

Masataka Deie, PhD (MSRC) is a research assistant at Hiroshima University.

Hiromichi Fujie, PhD (UCSD & MSRC) moved to Osaka University in April 1996 and is now an Associate Professor of the Division of Mechanical Science, Department of Systems and Human Science, Graduate School of Engineering Science Osaka University. He writes: "Preparation for the WCB'98 is going well. So far, we have received almost 620 papers for contributed papers. In addition, we have approximately 400 papers for 24 symposia. We are therefore expecting more than 1,000 papers - approximately 70% from abroad and 30% from Japan. We look forward to welcoming you in Sapporo this August."

Hiro can be reached at:

1-3 Machikaneyama, Toyonaka

Osaka 560, Japan

06-850-6172 (Phone)

06-850-6212 (Fax, Department Office)

Drs. Marcus and Minoo Hollis' (UCSD) big news is that they are expecting a new little girl around the end of June. In addition, Marcus received an award from the ACL study group for his work on knee meniscus strain.

Shuji Horibe MD, DMSc (UCSD) writes "I was a fellow at USCD from 1987-1989. My current position is a Chief of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine at Osaka Rosai Hospital. My family is all fine. My son Yuki is seven years old and now in the first grade. My daughter Riho is going to

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kindergarten beginning this April. Masayo is busy taking care of my children."

Shinji Kashiwaguchi, MD (MSRC) and Yoshi Takeda, MD (MSRC) both work at Tokushima University as Assistant Professors.

Takeshi Kusayama, MD (MSRC) is currently working at Oiso Hospital of the Tokai University.

Duane Morrow, MS (MSRC) just completed his Masters degree at the University of Rochester and recently accepted a position at the Mayo Clinic under the direction of Dr. Kai-Nan An. He and his fiance Valerie will be married in September.

Masahiko Noguchi, MD (UCSD & MSRC) currently works at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine as an Assistant Professor and Chief of Foot and Ankle Service. His group engages in the research of biomechanical and NMR studies of the Achilles tendon.

Karen Ohland, MS (UCSD & MSRC) is still working at Howmedica. Her job responsibilities have expanded to include coordinating the budget for Howmedica's Research & Development Department and being a liaison between R&D and the Finance Department. She also recently attended a seminar on Patent Law for Managers, Engineers, and Scientists and should be more involved with writing patent applications in the future. On the home front, she is still heavily involved in volunteer activities at church and in the community. This past year she was elected to the Board of Directors of 55 Kip Center, a community senior citizens center, and the local ASME section. She was also elected Treasurer of Howmedica's Management Club. Her newest nephew was born 5/7/97, bringing the total to 3 nieces and 2 nephews. Karen is also planning to attend the Third World Congress of Biomechanics in August and would like to hear from others who are also planning to go.

In June 1997, a mini Pittsburgh Fellow alumni party was held at the new home of Kazunori Ohno, MD (MSRC) and his family in Sapporo. In attendance were Shuhei Morifusa, MD

ORLAC Newsletter Winter 1998

time the year was over, she had decided not to return to work. She is now staying home full time with him and enjoying it immensely. Caroline and Mike love parenthood. Mike was a student at Berklee School of Music for about 6 months, pursuing his interest in music, and is now exploring some business opportunities in the music world.

Currently, at the Orthopaedic Research Laboratory at Virginia Commonwealth University:

Jennifer Wayne, PhD (UCSD) was recently honored with an invitation to participate in the 5th Japan-USA-Singapore-China conference on Biomechanics in Sendai, Japan, and an invitation to participate in the Biot Conference on Poromechanics in Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium. Orthopaedic resident research continues to receive accolades from the Richmond Orthopaedic community at the annual Orthopaedic Resident's Day ("Evaluation of 2 techniques for the treatment hallux valgus", by Earll, Wayne, Caldwell, Adelaar).

Geoffrey Ringer (doctoral student) successfully defended his dissertation research and will graduate Spring 1998. Nilay Mukherjee (doctoral student) is expected to graduate Summer 1998. New members have joined the lab: Bill McGarry (graduate student in Biomedical Engineering), Michael Araj (undergraduate student in Biomedical Engineering), Kenneth Davis, MD (Orthopaedic Resident), Jonathan Isaacs, MD (Orthopaedic Resident), Thomas Scioscia (medical student), Alex Creighton (medical student). Summer 1998 will see the addition of two research fellows in the lab, Mark Willis, MD (Captain in the US Army Medical Corps) and Charles Shuff, MD

The web page for Dr. Wayne and her laboratory is located at url: On the home front, daughters Stephanie will start kindergarten and Nancy will start preschool in the Fall.

Currently, at the VAMC Long Beach/Univ. Cal Irvine Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory:

Thay Lee, MS (UCSD) reports that they are still focusing on the patellofemoral joint and glenohumeral joint. New additions to the lab include Bruce Yang, a Biomedical Engineer, Orthopaedic Residents Vance Eberly

Dr. Masahiko Noguchi, Dr. & Mrs. Kazunori Ohno, Dr. Yoshitsugu Takeda, and Dr. Takeshi Kusayama

(MSRC) and his family, Masahiko Noguchi, MD (UCSD & MSRC), Takeshi Kusayama, MD (MSRC), Takeshi Marui, MD (MSRC), Yoshitsugu Takeda, MD (MSRC) and Shinji Kashiwaguchi, MD (MSRC). They were able to enjoy good food and talked until late night. The next Pittsburgh Alumni party will be held in Tokushima, in April during the annual meeting of the 71st Japanese Orthopaedic Association.

Tom Runco, MS (MSRC) is in Philadelphia working for Synthes, U.S.A. and specializing in Spine Biomechanics.

Ryoma Saito, MD (MSRC) and his wife Yoko are happy to announce the birth of their new baby girl. Ryoma currently works at a branch hospital of the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine and is also preparing for his doctoral thesis.

Masataka Sakane, MD (MSRC) is currently working at Kennan Hospital as Chief of Orthopaedic University. He and his wife Michko each defended and received their doctoral thesis from Tsukuba University in December 1997.

Shinro Takai, MD (UCSD) currently works at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine as an Assistant Professor and a Chief for Knee Service.

Jeff Weiss, PhD (UCSD) has recently been promoted from the Director of Basic Research to Institute Director of the Orthopaedic Biomechanics Institute at the University of Utah.

Caroline Wang, MS (UCSD) had a baby boy in October 1996. His name is Christopher, and he is a wonderful kid. Caroline was able to take a 1-year leave from J&J after he was born, and by the

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ORLAC Newsletter Winter 1998

and Steven L. Barnett, and Mark A. Gomez, PhD (UCSD) as a collaborator. These personnel have joined Thay Lee, Pat McMahon, MD (MSRC), Matt Sandusky (Biomedical Engineer), current Orthopaedic Residents (Michele M. Schulz, James Dettling, James Lilley, Francis E. Glaser, William M. Weiser) as well as students.

Currently, at the Musculoskeletal Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh:

Pittsburgh's MSRC is proud to announce that they will host the American Society for Biomechanics (ASB) in October 1999.

At the most recent AOSSM meeting in June 1997 in Sun Valley, Idaho, the MCL group was awarded the O'Donoghue Award. The paper was entitled "Growth Factors Can Improve MCL Healing In Vivo" and was authored by Kevin A. Hildebrand, MD, Savio L-Y. Woo, PhD, David W. Smith, BS, Christina R. Allen, MD, Masataka Deie, MD, PhD, Brian J. Taylor, MS, and Christopher C. Schmidt, MD.

Lou DeFrate, an undergraduate at the MSRC was a finalist for the Undergraduate level student paper competition at the ASME Winter Annual Meeting. His presentation entitled "Axial Rotation Limits Cervical Spine Flexion-Extension Range of Motion" and co-authored by Todd C. Doehring, Lars G. Gilbertson, William F. Donaldson II, James D. Kang, and Savio L-Y. Woo received an award for second place.

Jürgen Höher, MD was awarded the AGA (Arbeits-Gemeinschaft für Arthroskopie or Work Association for Arthroscopy) Research Award at their annual meeting this past October for his work entitled "Viscoplastic Behavior of a Suture-Hamstring-Tape Construct Under Cyclic Loading". The paper was co-authored by Tracy Vogrin, John Withrow and Savio L-Y. Woo.

The MSRC hosted 20 undergraduate students this past summer for 13 weeks. It was an enlightening experience for all. Each student had an individual project under the direction of a faculty member.

We were sorry to say goodbye to four post-doctoral fellows that have returned to their home

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Doug Adams, Guoan Li, Dr. Woo, Lynette Fleck, Mrs. Woo, Kirsten Woo, Thay Lee, and Lars Gilbertson and others held a mini ORLAC gathering at Bully's North during the 1997 BMES meeting in San Diego.

countries. Kevin Hildebrand, MD, his wife Kathy and their two children returned to Canada in June after spending two years here. Kevin currently works at the Hand and Upper Limb Centre of the St. Joseph's Health Centre, in London, Ontario. Jürgen Höher, MD, his wife Ulrike, and their two daughters returned to Germany in December. Juergen spent 21 months at the MSRC and now works at the University of Cologne. Jae-Yeong Cho, MD returned to Korea after spending one year at the MSRC working on Shoulder research. Ko Adachi, MD also returned to Japan in December. He currently works at the Higashi Hospital of Kitazato University as an Assistant Professor and Chief of the Spine Service.

Three new graduate students joined the MSRC this past semester: Ling Liu, BS from China, Qiliang Zhu, BS from China and Marsie Janaeshuk, BS from Cornell University.

The MSRC welcomed five new post-doctoral research fellows, Ioannis Gelalis, MD, Christos Papageorgiou, MD, and Sokratis Varitimidus, MD from Greece, Jyh-Horng Wang, MD from Taiwan, and Nobuyoshi Watanabe, MD from Japan. In addition, Sven Scheffler, a medical student from Germany is joining us for a one year.

Rich Debski, PhD completed his doctorate degree in August of 1997. He currently works here at the MSRC as an research assistant professor.

Diann DeCenzo, MS and her husband Lou welcomed a new daughter, Nia in November.

ORLAC Newsletter Winter 1998

Research engineer Becky Engel, MS joined the MSRC in January after receiving her Masters degree from the University of Akron. She and her husband Jeff are originally from Michigan.

We are happy to announce that Kenneth Fischer, PhD has been award a Whitaker grant entitled "Experimental and Computational Analysis of Stress and Strain in the Interosseous Ligament Complex of the Forearm". The grant totals $210,000 to be awarded over 3 years. In addition, Ken and his wife Sandie are the proud parents of a new baby girl named Kesandra who was born in August.

Freddie Fu, MD has been promoted to the Chairman of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. He replaces Dr. Jim Herndon who has moved on to Harvard University.

Arun Shanbhag, PhD will be leaving the MSRC for Harvard University to work under the direction of Dr. Jim Herndon and Dr. Harry Rubash.

Jennifer Zeminski, BS has announced her engagement to her fiance Stephen. The two plan to wed in September.

If you have an address change or exciting news that you would like to share with ORLAC, please let Serena know by phone (412) 648-2023, fax (412) 648-2001 or email

would like very much to hear your ideas - if you know of promising funding sources, please take a few moments to send an e-mail to

ORLAC Fundraising is also appealing for donations from the ORLAC alumni - you! We are very proud of the participation of ORLAC alumni in our fundraising efforts, and the past two years have indeed been banner years. One thing to consider: as a nonprofit foundation, it is important for us to be able to demonstrate a high percentage of contributors among the ORLAC alumni - it will be looked upon favorably by those other foundations, funding agencies, and industries that we plan to work with in 1998 if we can say, "90% of our alumni have made donations to ORLAC." We therefore would like to appeal especially to those of you that haven't yet taken the opportunity to consider if you would like to make a donation to ORLAC this year. We have a wide range of funding categories to accommodate any level of donation, starting with the $10 - $249 "Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Friday Club" (which commemorates the typical week of the "labbie") through "Dr. Woo's Circle" (for donations $10,000 and above). We are also flexible in our thinking and would be receptive to challenges & other initiatives to stimulate donations.

One particular exciting trend - that seems to be turning into a beautiful ORLAC tradition - are the donations of our alumni from prize money they have received for their award-winning research. ORLAC Fundraising extends heartiest congratulations to the following award winners: Louis E. DeFrate ("Lou da man"), 2nd place winner of the 1997 ASME Bioengineering Division Undergraduate Student Paper Competition, Jürgen Höher, MD winner of the AGA Research Award, and Kevin Hildebrand, MD primary author of the AOSSM O'Donoghue Award. Thank you for your generous donations!

ORLAC Fundraising looks forward to the 1998 Fundraising Dinner in New Orleans. We look forward to being reunited with our many old friends, and we hope to make new friends as well. Please bring your students and colleagues to the dinner! Thank you, and see you there!

Fundraising Corner (cont'd)

further, in the spirit of the challenge, "We accept this Olympic Challenge!".

With ORLAC's nonprofit status secured, we are beginning to explore the world of funding opportunities that has now opened up to us through nonprofit foundations, industry, and government funding agencies. ORLAC Fundraising will be working closely with the Board of Directors and ORLAC alumni to identify the best opportunities that will help us carry out our educational mission. We are particularly interested in sources of support for: co-sponsorship of educational seminars or conferences, summer research internships for undergraduates, and travel funds for young investigators to attend conferences and visit industries and other laboratories. ORLAC Fundraising

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ORLAC Newsletter Winter 1998

Annual ORLAC Fundraising Dinner

FABULOUS CAJUN FOOD!!! WONDERFUL ATMOSPHERE!!! SEE OLD FRIENDS AND MAKE NEW ONES!!! Come celebrate St. Patrick's Day at the Annual ORLAC Fundraising Dinner!!! The dinner will be held on Tuesday, March 17 in New Orleans, LA at the City Energy Club located at 1100 Poydras St. which over looks the Majestic Mississippi River. The festivities will begin at 8:00 p.m. and you can look forward to a delicious cajun buffet that will include Fried Spicy Catfish, Blackened Chicken Fingers, Oysters Rockefeller, Beef Brochettes as well as an assortment of cold hors d'hoerves.

As evident at last year's dinner, the event continues to grow each year as the number of alumni from around the world continues to grow. Individuals from Iowa, California, Virginia, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, England, and Italy (to only name a few

states and countries from around the world) attended last year's dinner. Everyone stressed the importance of maintaining friendships and acquaintances throughout the years and the thrill of meeting the new faces that constantly appear as our numbers continue to grow.

Cost of the dinner will be $30 for students and $50 for all other attendees. A portion of the proceeds will be a tax-deductible donation that will be noted on the receipts given at the door. Additional donations are also welcome. Please RSVP by March 11 via phone (412-648-2023), fax (412-648-2001), or e-mail ( so that we may obtain an accurate count for the dinner.

ORLAC has much to announce and celebrate at this year's event, so please plan to attend and RSVP as soon as possible. Contributions to the organization will be recognized and future plans discussed.


P.O. Box 7511

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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